A better day.

Kat and I went to Birmingham today. I think this was a good thing, although I came back tired. We talked a lot.

I also finally found the bathrobe I've been seeking for a couple of years now. Full-length. White. No funky logos. Soft and absorbent. Dilemma—keep for myself, or make available to guests?

Can I get away with both? :)

I've been trying to stick with the drug regimen to help my neck and upper back recover from Thursday's crash. I'm not as painfully tender and sore as yesterday. Today I just ache—and I tire easily. Funny how things like that will mess you up.

I took the muscle relaxant pill about thirty minutes ago. As soon as I finish this, I'm going to bed. I'm starting to get a bit fuzzy-headed again. I don't need them for pain during the day (I'm a tough and creaky old bird) but getting some uninterrupted sleep certainly can't be bad for me.

Jeff helped me clean up the kitchen today—the chore I was intending to do when I left work early Thursday—which is why I'm in this pickle in the first place. Tomorrow we'll do laundry and I'll rest up on the couch a bit and read and think and other such calming things.

The cats wanted lots of petting today. Slowly, things are falling back into place.

Here's to fuzzy bathrobes and a deep, restful sleep.