Crap. What was that about being productive?

I got rear-ended on the way home today. My first accident ever. Boo, hiss. I'm lucky, though. I saw the woman coming up behind me and had enough time to brake and swerve, which prevented the accident from being worse.

The feeling of my car lurching out of control was a very sickening one indeed. Especially since I saw what was ahead of me—an embankment built out of concrete blocks. My brakes stopped me about three feet from the embankment. Had they not, things would have been much worse.She hit my car. *sniff sniff sniff*

Dammit. Sigh. Thank goodness for insurance.

Right now I'm going to sit down and eat some dinner. Right after the accident happened I called the wondergeeks—Jess and Kat still had a house key, so they came over and fed the kitties for me. While they were here, they left me food for dinner tonight.

Kat was joking just the other day about how I was banking up all the times I'd been a good friend, and that they'd have to find a way to repay me.

Paid in full. :)

There's Phish Food in the freezer and gumbo in the fridge. Now if my hands will just stop shaking, I'll be okay.

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