New stuff

I've put some new stuff up on domesticat. These are things I've had on castrovalva but just haven't had a chance to move over. So, if you saw these on castrovalva, don't bother looking—it's the same stuff. I've added travel pictures and cat pictures.

Heather cracks me up. She told me this evening that she spent a little while today just watching the three webcams. Mine, Brad's, and Sean's.

What's really scary is that all three of us spent most of the day doing the same thing—head propped up on one hand, staring into our monitor screens. Three people—one in Huntsville, one in Atlanta, and one in Victoria—and they might as well all be one image.

This, for some reason, cracks me up.

I didn't understand why people watched my webcam until my friends put up cams. ("Hey! He moved! Did something interesting happen?")

What's even worse is that my spouse checks the cam before calling me, just to see if I'm at my desk. Ahhhhh, the information age. Guess it's a good thing I'm not putting up a cam at home. You guys do NOT want to see what I look like in the mornings. Is…scary. *nodnod*

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