It has felt so strange to sit in front of a computer all day today. I keep expecting to have to get up and start walking long distances at any moment.

I was a bit shocked when I looked at my arm just now—my bruise is much larger than I originally remembered it being. I thought it was a 2"x2" bruise, but it's actually more like 3"x4". There's still a lump under the skin. I'm just grateful I didn't break anything; I would've felt really stupid if I'd broken my right arm for the third time.

When I get home this evening, I'm going to sort through some papers to try to find the Ikea catalog that Heather loaned me. Andy took me to the store in Baltimore, and I found an entertainment center that I think would work very nicely in the living room. I'm hoping the catalog will have the dimensions of the e.c. so that I can measure against the room to make absolutely sure that it will fit. Since our stereo speakers can't fit inside the entertainment center, I need to make sure that the front wall is long enough to accommodate them both. Not to mention that I need to make sure that the shelves are sturdy enough to hold our amp, pre-amp. and other various equipment.

That's the problem when you marry someone who's a bit of an audiophile—you have to make accommodations for the stereo equipment. But that's okay…I can think of worse ways to go through life, you know. I'd just like to have the living room look a little less bare and college-y.