A ping from the past

Well, it was bound to happen eventually, but I'm surprised that it took this long. I've been found.

Someone who knows me from back home sent me a "Who are you?" email to one of my domesticat addresses. It's a disturbing feeling to see a name in your inbox that you haven't thought about in years, and to realize that because of the privacy precautions you've taken, that they don't know who you are. Gotta love having a very common first name while not making your surname public. This person correctly recognized that if I grew up in the [very small] town that I claim I did, and attended the [very small] high school that I attended, that she must undoubtedly know me.

She is correct.

I answered the email; I wonder if I'll regret doing so. I think Jeff wishes that I hadn't replied; I've said some pretty personal stuff on domesticat about a lot of things going on in my life, and I think he's concerned that some people (read: my family) might be offended or hurt.

It's a chance you take if you're going to be honest, I suppose. It bothers me to see that most people go through life being completely and utterly incapable of forming an opinion. I've always thought that if you're not opinionated, you're probably not thinking enough…

Better news. Jeff is fine today. We are both tired from our late-night sojourn to the emergency room. I did not go in to work today; I'm going to make up the time tomorrow and during this weekend. I've got plenty of things that I can do from home; a couple of the projects I'm working on just require that I have access to a computer with graphic design software.

Tomorrow we're headed out to visit his parents. Even though they're only a couple of hours away, we see them only a few times each year. They are busy, we are busy, and our circles only seem to coincide on holidays and birthdays. As a result, we always have a lot of catching up to do when we do see each other.

Which will be tomorrow. I have a lot to be thankful for this year. But for now, I shall go read Matt Ruff's Sewer, Gas, Electric.