Real life occasionally interferes.

I've complained often in the past few months that my computer desk was not meeting my needs. Since I have bifocals, it helps my none-too-strong eyes to have my computer monitor correctly positioned. Having broken my right wrist twice, it's also in my best interest to keep the joint as relaxed as possible.

My old desk was like many things in this house—freely given to 'the newlyweds' to help them furnish their first apartment. Since I hate buying things on credit, I decided to wait until I could afford to buy the kind of desk I wanted, without having to put it on credit. A few weeks ago, I found the desk I had in mind. Small and compact, it is a corner desk with a raised platform for my 19" monitor and a keyboard platform that is at the right height for my wrists. Since it was one of those assemble-it-yourself numbers, I got it for right at $100.

If you've wondered where I've been, I've been assembling my desk in my spare time. I've been trying to get the computer room in shape before Andy arrives on Friday. I spent most of yesterday afternoon hauling out our old brick-and-board shelving, assembling the new desk, and reconnecting computer components.

Jeff went to the Styx/Survivor/REO Speedwagon concert; he had tickets on the 12th row from the stage. Since I'm not the fan he is, I went out to dinner with Margaret and Kat. Afterwards, we rampaged in Barnes & Noble for an hour and then went to see Meet The Parents. (I'm firmly convinced that the movie is funnier if you've ever had to go to your significant other's parents' house and say, "Hello, I'm going to be part of the family.)

I also bought a Santa hat yesterday—a $5 piece of cheer that I can wear to work. It's another little symbol of being away from my previous employer. Last year I wanted to wear a hat like that while I was working at my computer. I was back-office and never saw customers, and it would have made me a happier employee and possibly even given some co-workers a chuckle.

"That's unprofessional" was what I was told. Then again, at this company, hosiery and formal shoes are required for women—even if your dresses are ankle-length and casual enough to be worn with socks. (Surprisingly enough, there are very few employees under 30 at that company.)

So this year I shall wear my Santa hat at my computer. It'll give Fran something else to sniff at.

(I'd really hoped that I had more interesting things to say. I've got a few things floating around in my head that I might work on later today. But for now, I'm ready to step out of the computer room for a while.)

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