House notes

Talked with Sean last night, and started finalizing plans for the the flowerbeds. Looks like we're going to use a combination of camellias and Chinese fringe flowers for the back row of shrubbery (the "Ni!" row, as I refer to it). I'll do clumps of various small shrubs and perennials throughout the beds—lilies, daffodils, irises, tulips, etc. for the perennials and probably flame bushes, rosemary, and shrub roses for the the larger bits.

I'm going to place some paving stones into the ground to give me some room to stand on in the beds without damaging plants. I'll probably anchor those with stuff like chamomile and creeping thyme (though the chamomile may be tough to get here).

I'm probably going to start some jasmine, so that I can train it to creep up the railing. It'll smell wondrous—perhaps a porch swing could be installed to take advantage of it?

I forget what Sean had in mind for the smaller flowering plants up front. After that, whatever's left will be given over to herbs and annuals.

That's me, always trying to figure out how to sneak in some herbs.

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