boring interlude

Pictures coming, promise. They're half scanned, and I'll finish them up tomorrow. I'm just not real keen on spending the rest of the time remaining in this day working on these pictures, when they can wait another day without anyone losing sleep over it.

Jeff is trying to wear the cats out again tonight by getting them to chase the laser pointer's beam all over the house. Tenzing, our resident acrobat, has been running himself silly trying to catch the quicksilver-fast point of red light. Silly cat; at least after this, though, he sleeps. Jeff is probably going to throw the cat through the window if Tenzing wakes him up in the middle of the night with his raucous playing.

After last night's playing session, Tenzing slept in until nine a.m. I poked him when I got up this morning (he was sleeping beside my head) and he gave me the classic "go-to-hell-I'm-sleeping" look.I'm going to curl up and read a bit more D.H. Lawrence tonight. I'd put it aside for a few days, but I'm ready to go back to it.

This weekend will be, hopefully, the last of the rototilling. I'm ready to move past the back-breaking work of getting beds put in so that I can instead focus on actually planting seedlings and tending to them.

Tomorrow night: video games at Sean's apartment, and dinner by Sean. Tonight was flambéed chicken thighs (sorry, Jess!) at Casa de Wondergeeken. Jess had a bit of a problem with the chicken fat catching fire in the grill. She, however, can say, "Oh, flames…" in the calmest voice I've ever heard.

Would that I could say something like that half so calmly.

Tomorrow I'll get my flowerbed plans together, so that I look like I have a plan—and get the chicken stew cooked up to feed the army that it's going to take to get the beds together in one day. Should be interesting. We'll see.

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