Here, now I've made it easy...

Please note—my birthday is not coming up anytime soon, so please don't interpret this as a blatant "hey my birthday is next week and you'd better get me stuff "post.

Because, as we all know, I'm horrifically overprepared and wouldn't wait until the week before my birthday!

I've been tinkering around with a wish list at for quite some time, but haven't posted a link to it yet.I added a few more things to it this morning and figured what the heck, I'll look crass and commercial and post the damn thing.

Makes me feel icky doing this. Ask my parents—I get squirmy when asked what I want/need for my birthday or Christmas. Because, quite frankly, I take care of my needs, and most of my wants are so incredibly arcane that nobody would ever guess them.

(Example: the hardcover copy of Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca that doesn't make it look like a romance novel. It certainly isn't a romance novel, and the later reprintings of the book that make it look like one make me gnash my teeth.)

I'm trying to be judicious and add lots of weird and random stuff on there, but I'm finding it difficult. There are lots of books I'd like to have, but you can find most of them by looking at my reading lists that I keep posted here. These are just a few oddities, plus some CDs that I have trouble finding locally. Et cetera.

Enjoy, and laugh at my silly consumerism.

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