Part 1: complete!

This entry written under influence of great tiredness and several glasses of painfully alcoholic apple pie.

It is done—the first of the two flowerbeds, anyway. The end plan, of course, did not look like what I had planned, but I suppose some flexibility's good for me. Rejoice, say my tired muscles. They will ache a bit on the morrow, but not now.

The overhead light in the computer room has decided to stop working, as has the fan that goes with it. I must mention this to Jeff tomorrow when he comes home. It is eerie, typing by the light generated by the monitor.Today's events seem so small on paper: we pulled up the holly bushes and all the plants, raked out all the rocks, rototilled in new compost and some topsoil, and then replaced the irises/tulips/nandina. We added alternating forms of monkey grass (dark green alternating with light-green-variegated), three whie viburnum, one yellow jessamine vine, one white jasmine vine, and two Chinese fringe flower bushes.

Don't worry; we took lots of pictures; you will see us in our dirty, messy glory as the beds went from calm to thorough uproar to settled once again. We've got plenty of room for herbs—more than I bargained on. I'll just have to plant more, I suppose…

Jeff called this evening; he confirmed that all went well with his presentation today. He is one major step closer to obtaining his master's degree in May, and I could not be happier about it. I wish he could have been here today to help us: it will be difficult for him to have (at first) the same appreciation for the completed flowerbed that Kat and Sean and I have. We know exactly how much work it took to get usable beds out of that space, and we'll appreciate the new flowers all the more for it.

So tired…

Tomorrow I think I shall stand outside and just stare at the finished flowerbed for a while. Remind myself that the worst is over; there is so much more to do, but the worst is behind us.

Further explanation forthcoming once the pictures are developed. For now I shall go watch television and spoil the cats.

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