Tuesday showers

Nothing like a good spot of thunderstorms to turn a perfectly good day into a sodden one, no?

Kat and I went out to run errands this afternoon—and managed, once again, to get caught in a sudden rainstorm. This one was worse than usual; after making our purchases at Kroger, we stopped in amazement as the winds howled harder and harder. The rain wasn't falling, it was being blown across the parking lot in sheets.

Along with empty shopping carts and trash cans, I should add. So we sat down with our bags at the front of the store and waited for a brief letup so that Kat could dash to her car and pull it up to the front of the store.

As a result, she and I both got soaked. Pleasant, pleasant. I drove home and promptly began wringing myself out when I got there. A short bout of shivering later, I was warm and my clothes—while not exactly dry—were at least no longer sopping.

More on the thoughts from the trip in the next entry.

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