We have returned!

Admit it—you thought I'd vanished.

It's ok, I promise. You're to be forgiven, as I am usually quite regular about commenting on the randomness that life throws on my doorstep.

However, I have spent the past few days in the crazy metropolis known as Atlanta. Some rumors may have even pinpointed that I was actually in Alpharetta for most of the time, doing an inordinate amount of food shopping and geeking out.I returned with Vietnamese fish sauce, sake, mirin, sushi rice, Heinz baked beans (for Gareth), Jones soda, and some delicious-looking bread. Jeff picked up the clear blueberry malt-ish beverage he's so fond of. On the way out of town, Pappy Red's beckoned to us with its pulled-pork bbq goodness.

I also returned home with a new print that will be hung somewhere in this house, although I don't know exactly where yet.

For now, though, I'm still apologizing to the kitties and taking a few days away from the computer. There's much to say, but it needs organization, clarity, and kitty-petting first. Not to mention perhaps a swig or two from that bottle of Jones cream soda I brought back.


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