Nibbling at the elephant

Geof reminded me today:

"Question: how do you eat an elephant?"
"Answer: one bite at a time."Thus, today, I've been nibbling away at the elephant that is the sum total of my old entries. I'm trying to get them moved into greymatter format and to make them play nicely with my new ones, but I have to be honest. It's just not happening, and I'm starting to get really frustrated.

The entries are there. But for some reason, my log archives—the weekly groupings of posts—bomb out on the entries from early August. I've opened entries, I've closed entries, I've checked to make sure they have unix line endings and not windows line endings.

The individual entries are fine. But something about their grouping makes them bomb, and bomb hard. Eminently frustrating, especially considering how close I am to finishing.

I keep picturing an ephemeral version of myself delicately nipping at an elephant's leg. At this point, that's what I feel like I'm doing. My consolation, though: if I get this one bug solved, I'm virtually home free, and then will have been beaten into the shape I wanted many many months ago.

Until then—a hoof or a tail? Dilemma.