Plan Z continues...

It's axiomatic: no decent auto repair shops are open on Saturdays.

I sent Jeff off to Tuscaloosa early this morning in my car. I got an extra hour or two of sleep, got up, tended to a few things, and talked with Geof. The end result was that he offered to drive out to "the sticks" to bring me takeout Chinese.

In exchange, I worked on his site for a few hours today—and actually got it ready for prime time. If you're curious to see the damage I've wrought, take a look at I forget where, exactly, the term comes from, but I know it's biblical. IM is intended to serve as a counterpoint to his secular site, IJSM.I've been really pleased with the layout of this site; I hope it works out well for Geof. Noah was kind enough to let Geof use one of his photos as a background for a site. I tried to be extremely respectful of the photo, because I know he doesn't turn loose of any of his work lightly. He's seen the photoshop flat that I created while working in the idea stage, but to my knowledge he hasn't seen the finished product. I hope he likes it.

It's somewhat nerve-wracking to write about this design, knowing that eventually both Geof and Noah are going to read what I write here. In the time that I've spent doing web design, I've gotten to know quite a few designers. Some of them are technically proficient, some are artistically proficient, and some actually are talented at writing. Noah is one of very, very few designers I've encountered who mixes technical and artistic proficiency with a heaping smash of interesting things to say.

In other words, he really makes me want to pack up my toys and go home sometimes. *laugh* He's not going to like hearing that one jot; I know that full well as I write this that I'm probably going get a "That's not very funny, Amy!" email from him sometime in the next 48 hours.

I'm hoping that Jeff is having a fabulous time in Tuscaloosa. While facing a houseful of Theta Tau members is incredibly daunting for me, I do miss getting to see Kara and going out for the riotous Japanese steakhouse dinner we always have after homecoming. I hope Jeff had a chance to get caught up with people he only sees once a year.

I think I managed to hold my own out here in "the sticks." Edmund sits on my desk, drowsing and benignly beaming his kitty approval. Given that, I shall classify today as a day well passed indeed.

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