An oddity that's not really worth mentioning: I develop muscle tics when I'm under some kind of stress. Sometimes it's an uncontrollable finger twitch, but most of the time it's an eyelid twitch.

My right upper eyelid's been twitching for about 48 hours straight now. I wish it would stop.

I wish Mom would let me know how Dad's liver biopsy went. Sometimes the waiting is the worst.


Hi Amy! I read your blog quite a lot, and after movinghouse last week we got some kitties. My boyf and I were thinking about what to name the one that climbs, he went through a list of famous climbers. He ended up saying that Edmund or Tenzing were good names. Made me laugh :) We decided on Bean. :) So we have Bean and Max, the cutest kitties!! :)

Sometimes? I guess you're more patient than I.