dragon*con photos, part 1

The first set of photos from the madness that is working tech staff at dragon*con…

  • I would really like to know where this rag tied in the shape of a chicken carcass came from. That creepy little thing kept showing up backstage in Centennial, and it weirded me out every time I saw it.
  • My job on tech staff: providing recharges, or food/hydration/back massages/general geek care, to other staffers. Yes, I can whip out something like eight thousand of them an hour…why do you ask?
  • Tech staff is filled with all kinds of interesting people. It took me a year to learn that this guy has a name besides ChocoBunny. (It's Donovan.) Until you've seen this man walking around the 'con in a neon-pink mohawk, you haven't lived. Or something.
  • Brian keeps a count of how many people ask him if he's David Spade. Thus, the name on his tag: Mr. Spade.
  • We're apparently supposed to live in fear of the Great Oompa Loompa. Bah. It's just Jody. I refuse to fear.
  • Kat and Suzan and I are usually to be found in the grand central sta….er, equipment room, known as Harris. Judging by this photo of Kat, it could also be renamed Antarctica.
  • Sleep is for the weak. (Jody says this is Gryphon, but I don't actually know his name. The clowns ate him shortly after this photo was taken. That's probably why.)
  • We like pie.
  • I'll say it again. We like pie.
  • The cops standing backstage enjoyed the Jefferson Starship concert, and the band had a sense of humor. They arranged for the guitarist to be escorted offstage in handcuffs. Whether or not the crowd got the joke, I don't know, but we were all howling with laughter backstage.
  • …and no, you have NOT lived until you've seen Stormtroopers dancing onstage with Jefferson Starship.

More photos as I edit them. Many of these were stolen from Thomas. (Oh, by the way, Thomas, can I borrow these?) ;) Thanks, Jeremy, for letting me play with your camera…


The chicken carcass is actually being modeled by its creator in that pic. Chris is a ...ahhh Talented guy. And yeah sure you can borrow the pics. lol

I am not sure that talent is the proper word for Chris. I think more along the lines of severe dementia and an overwhelming desire and need to molest hotel towels is more like it. Where are the rest of the pics? I know there has to be more than 1 decent pic of me this year. Although...i do admit that the head shot is one of the best pics I have ever had taken of me. How sad.

Ok Brian REALLY looks like spade.

*click* What's the counter up to now, Brian?

I believe that is like 48 or 49 now.