From Amy to infinity

Sometimes things can be boiled down into a few photos:

I'll start the drive home at six a.m. (Eastern) tomorrow morning. It should take somewhere around twelve hours, and hopefully a good deal less than that. I'll gain an hour by crossing back into the Central time zone, and if I'm lucky, I'll even manage to beat Jeff home tomorrow.

Tomorrow night I shall taunt my kitties with my shoes, which will stink gloriously of new places and - gasp! - other cats. They will have to thoroughly sniff-test my clothes, not to mention everything I'm bringing home from the pan-Asian market and Ikea.

Oh, yes, I sold my soul to Ikea this morning. I spent about $20 more than I intended, but got spiffy things that, as far as I'm concerned, can totally count as my Christmas present for this year.

Home soon.


I never knew that Brad was so tall ...

Margarita! Grande!