Names wanted

I'm thinking of extending my oh-so-geeky touch a bit further out into this InterWebNet thingy, and could use an opinion or two.

As most of you longtime readers know, isn't exactly your home for the latest and greatest linkfood. (All adverbs, all the time!) I've toyed with the idea of creating something shorter and snappier - a place to just post links.

Your questions are….

  1. Should this be a subdomain of or a separate domain name entirely?
  2. If a subdomain, what should it be named? (answers in the form of please)

If you vote for a separate site, I have a name held in reserve that I may finally put into use. Heck, I've even got a design in mind. I just can't decide if I should go subdomain or separate site entirely.

Anyone feeling opinionated today?


Separate site! I would want to get confused between link-geek Amy and thoughts-so-deep-they-squeak Amy.

I kinda lean in the direction of It has a certain sound to it. And since said links will be pointing to all sorts of things, foo is fairly descriptive of it.

I would argue for a separate site as well. I'm working on separating mine [slowly].

I'm scared. I came, no comments. I post and then I am the middle of three by the time mine posted and the screen refreshed.

Oh, and the thought of an Amy weblog amuses me. But if we all have our own Weblogs, what is that going to do to g-c? :)

Rick: we are the Cabal. We feed on new posts with a rapidity rarely seen outside the insect kingdom.

Nothing. This is more so I can quit bookmarking all these nifty little pages and things I find. I'll still save my quirky/icky/geeky stuff for g-c.

Why not have a separate site? (says the domain whore herself) An all linky all the time free for all would be cool! :)

oooh. I like However, I think a seperate site would be cool too. I am such a big help, aren't I??

*Raises hand*, votes for separate site. :)

I really like, actually. My only thing with the separate site is that we're all getting such a large collection of sites, it's going to soon be impossible to keep up with everything. I think it's just as good to have everything on a subdomain for links, etc, then it'll be easier if you ever want to partition off something else on your site.

How about a separate site, but with a domain sounding similar to domesticat? (domestiliog, linkycat... oh I don't know!) A sort of "best of both worlds" approach, separateness and association. Just a completely random thought, of course. =)

Seperate site, but done as a "link-log" that l33t (reg'd) people can add links to, categorized, searchable... sounds like a job for Quarto to me. but then, if its just going to be YOUR link foo, then, i vote for sites/foo/ but thats just me.

nope. i totally reverse myself. upon further reflection: google and other directories already provide this service for the masses. this is YOUR link foo. i change my vote to a strong "link'" you cant hide from the inner geek dear. its a part of you, just as much as the wonderful writer, the amazing cook, and the genuinely stupendous person... domesticat is of, for and by you - this is only an extension of that you.

Hey Will, here's a towel ... got somethin' on your ears. Much love. We all know that Amy rocks the party, yo. Hell, Amy *throws* the party. Thats just my .02 Im going back to bed now.

For some reason, I think subdomains are incredibly cool, but that's just me. isn't bad...and it's not, which is kind of lame. rocks the Casbah