Alive, and back from vacation

We're back from our weeklong sojourn to the East Coast. After the drive (must remember to tell everyone about the Land That Time Forgot in Tennessee that we found) our brains are pretty much the consistency of...well...oatmeal.

But I got to play in the snow. Most snow I've ever seen in my life. For a lifelong southerner, this makes many things worthwhile.

Photos and coherency soon.


Snow is a thing of great beauty, and one major pain in the ass. I was born and raised (and still live) in PA so I've seen alot of snow, and yea its great to play in but it always happens when you don't want it too. :) Its even worse in the city, where a few inches (compared to a foot) can shut down EVERYTHING. Its a major pain to do all the essays and study for the tests and suddenly nothing happens because you got 3in of snow.