involuntary manslaughter: five paragraphs

Your regularly-scheduled domesticat entry shall not appear here this evening, canceled due to sadly extraordinary life events. After a good bit of cross-checking with friends, we still don't know much about what happened, but what we do know is this: someone whom my friends and I have worked with on dragon*con tech staff, someone whom I probably would've called a friend on staff, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. All we know can be summed up in the five paragraphs on that page, which means we know nothing of consequence. Not even the woman's name, though a couple of friends have ventured guesses.

What does one do in a situation like this? Acknowledge? Stay silent? As of now, I am the only tech staffer acknowledging online that this event has happened, and I find that I almost feel—disloyal?—in acknowledging what is (honestly!) public knowledge.

In the time that I've been a part of tech staff, I've absorbed the attitudes of 'the group' toward 'outsiders' until those attitudes became my own: 'us' versus 'them.' I might not like every member of tech staff, but even a disliked fellow staff member ranks far above the faceless mass of dragon*con conventioneers as far as I'm concerned. The expectation is that no matter what happens, we will back each other up and deal with the consequences later.

But that's a convention. This is different—an order of magnitude different. The bond of a raggle-taggle group of friends can't glare or duct-tape away the fact that as of this morning, a woman is dead—an action which we cannot patch away with our ever-present duct tape. I'd like to know details. Why? and what? and how? and why again?

Questions without answers, for now at least.


I got to work at midnight...had emails and phone calls waiting on me. The accused is a friend...someone I would have trusted my daughter to be around. A man that I have worked with and have spent a good deal of time with. How does one deal with something like this. Our tight little community doesn't deal with things of this nature very well. I think we all need answers more than anything else...something to erase the the thousands of questions floating in midair. I am stunned...i think...more than anything else.

I dunno how the group will deal with this one - but the second staff meeting is this weekend. Any reservations I had about showing up for this meeting (since I normally skip meeting #2) are now gone. But, yes. Answers would be doubly helpful - first, because we're a big messy group of friends, and secondly because Grant performs a very, very specific job on tech staff. If we need to be in the market for another sound man, we need to know - now. I suspect that many things along this line will be made clear this weekend before/after the meeting.

Holy Mary, Mother of God - WTF? Oh my lord.........

Hey ... I had a cousin who was wrongfully accused of capital murder ... of his aunt. Any of y'all that need to vent can feel free to ping me.

From what I can tell from all information gathered...he's been charged with misdomeaner involuntary manslaughter. In other words, he's responsible for a very tragic accident. A co-worker/friend of mine who is much more familiar with police procedings than I am said that if they've charged him as quickly as they have with little "investigation" time as there has been, then it is likely that he is pleading no contest ("nolo") to the charges. What the consequences of those charges will be is anyone's guess, especially given the county that this is in.

grant's a good person. that's all i've got.