January photographic update

Sure, you've been enthralled by my Tales of the Gym, but those of you who really just come around for the kitty pr0n have been feeling sorely ignored as of late. Luckily, I've had a few ... uh, gems (?) ... stashed on my camera's memory stick, and finally got around to downloading them after today's Marathon Gym Session.

(2.5 hours. Okay, so it'd go about 25 minutes faster if I didn't have to rest so long between sets 2 and 3 on some exercises. Hush. That's why they're called "sets." We're trying to coax some muscle growth here - oh, bloody hell, I said this wasn't going to be yet another gym post and here I go again...)

Right then. Back on track, silly woman.

It's rare for Jeff and me to be photographed together. Both of us fall somewhere between camera-shy and camera-shunning, so getting one of us in front of the camera is a feat, but getting both of us together in a photo is well-nigh impossible. Nevertheless, we posed for a photo at the Pan-Holiday Extravaganza, and I'm proud to confirm that the extra hormone treatments have worked. You can't tell I ever had a third eye in the middle of my forehead, can you?

Us at the clubhouse for PHE 2004.Us, PHE 2004

That'll have to serve as the official January Photo - it will be interesting to see exactly how much my hair grows between now and dragon*con (in September). Those of you who have been around are aware that I'm on the biennial hair-cutting plan; I'm not scheduled for my next shearing until 2005.

Moving on to everyone's favorite part...the salacious cat photos.

Edmund: "You wanted this chair?"

" Yeah, show us some leg, little pork rind...

Speaking of Jeff, he's taken a new tactic with Tenzing, our local whinytail. Jeff discovered that sometimes, when Mr. Bitchy wanders around the house, well, bitching, he doesn't always want food or water. Since Tenzing has an inexplicable love of tightly enclosed spaces (womb issues?), Jeff started scooping him up, cuddling him as tightly as possible...and of course, the bizarre cat purrs madly.

I've also tried to explain to people why I have trouble typing when Tenzing wants cuddling. Perhaps this problem will become a bit more evident by looking at this photo. Yes, that's Tenzing lying between my abdomen and the desk, with all four feet up in the air. (Oddly enough, that's what he's doing as I type this.)

Lastly, there's the photo that will inspire confusion amongst most of my friends, and lust in the two knitters I know. Since Jeff's parents slipped me a bit of cash for Christmas, I decided to use it to purchase an item that I've really, really been wanting but just hadn't saved up the money to buy.

About $54 (shipping included) gets you what's essentially the ultimate knit kit from knitdenise.com. It comes with interchangeable parts, so that what you end up with is any size/length of circular needles you could possibly need.

Let's just say that separately, this costs a lot more than $54.

Let's just say that with the exception of double-pointed needles for sock work, I won't have to buy knitting needles again for a long, long time.


If you'll excuse me, I think I need a new pair of pants.


That looks like one of my [many] socket sets. Why stuff doesn't come like that, I've no clue.

my boycat is just the same: http://boodlepix.com/archives/000137.html#000137 - having three boys and four girls, i've discovered boys are always more needy. who knows why.

Cal - I believe that photo can safely be captioned... "Love me, love me, love me now now NOW NOW NOW! I'm so abused! So lonely! So unloved!" So kittyfemmes aren't quite so bad about this, hmm? Interesting.

It partly comes down to jealousy. Baby wants to be part of the family. (The four little ones were saved summer 2002, the huge cat and dogs have been with us for several years.) Willow, who's now 6, has to have her time with me every day...but the two other girls are still somewhat feral, so don't want to be touched, particularly. I do think boys are more needy in general - lazier, too! ;-)

I'm jelous.... of the knit wear. But actually you don't really need double points any more.... (yes you heard me right).... http://www.purlwise.com/2003/12/the_handy_magic.html basucly you pull a loop through the mid point of a rather long circular needle and then slide stitches around. Never tried it, but then, socks irk me so I'm not doing those for a while, once I finish my (long time coming pair) and I can get to the cuff of a sleve on a 16 inch needle... And plus; Addi turbo/Inox Express needles are just so nice, that I prefer not to think about how much I spend on knitting needles.