Regimen mambo #2

According to today's measurements, we've seen progress. I received my periodic sniping from Laura-the-trainer today about my wanting to weigh myself once a week. Actually, come to think of it, I think I got a finger waggled at me. I haven't had that happen in a while.

Nevertheless, there's good news. While I'm still having issues with food aversions, I'm apparently managing to keep myself in the general range of my calorie and nutrient needs, because several of my measurements have dropped - enough to be statistically significant. (For those of my friends who have taken up the not-so-gentle checks to make sure that I'm remembering to eat, thank you. Your diligent peskiness is noted, appreciated, and seems to be working.)

You know you're in a bit of denial about whether or not your exercise regimen is working when the first thing you think is, "Well, could some of these measurement changes be because I'm in different clothing?"

(Don't worry, I realized how ludicrous that was, right after I thought it.)

As expected, I picked up regimen #2 this morning. In addition to the new weights work, Laura's asked me to make a change to my elliptical workout. I'll still do the same 45 minutes daily, but on a different program that pushes me a little harder in the middle, but enforces warmup and cooldown times.

Not a bad idea, for those of us who tend to hit things flat-out every day.

Weight regimen #2 is as follows:

Exercise Weight Reps
Chest fly 15 10
Gravity row 10 10
Arnold press 15 10
Bicep curl
(EZ curl bar)
30 10
Barbell French press 30 10
Leg press
toes pointed straight
toes pointed outward
toes pointed inward)
220 10
Leg press
(balls of feet only, to work calves)
200 10
Inner/Outer thigh sweeps 50 10
Glute/hamstring rolls 35 10
Reverse crunches 20 n/a
Side crunches
20 n/a
Straight-leg crunches 20 n/a
'Superman' arm/leg raises 20 n/a

More thoughts on the specifics later. I just wanted to post these before I forgot.

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Oh, by the way...I noticed the other night you've lost weight. I didn't say anything in front of the group cause I though you might be embarrassed but I did notice and this way you can be embarrassed in the privacy of your own home. :)

For the eight millionth time, I really should be photographing to determine progress. Because, truthfully, I can't see the changes. But the measurements say they're there. Now, if you'll excuse me, Tenzing-The-Destroyer is trying to wreak havoc, and I must stop him. Grr.