Off to Atlanta for a little while

I loathe resorting to this, guys, but it's time. ' isn't on hiatus; it's just going to be quiet for the next week or so. I'm going to be in Atlanta for an extended period of time, DCTV and general techops stuff both need my attention, and my workouts are still eating up as much time as they usually do.I'll try to post something when I have a little time, and something interesting to say, but right now I have neither, and I'd rather not pretend otherwise.

I leave for Atlanta on Thursday and will be back on Tuesday. If you need to reach me, there's always the cell phone (email me if you think you need the number but don't already have it).

Stay out of trouble in the meantime, eh?

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I refuse to stay out of trouble. That is against my religion.

Same here. :D