Pneumonia scorecard #1

So here's your update, or your scorecard, or whatever.

I have pneumonia. Jeff has bronchitis. The hacking and wheezing is a sight to behold, but the good news is that nobody's going to the hospital—hooray! My white cell count has dropped from 18,000 to 15,000, which still isn't good, but it's an improvement and indicates I'm responding to antibiotics. Jeff's currently stands at 16,000. (Normal? 4,500-10,000 per microliter)

We are sad and pathetic, but we are sad and pathetic together, and that's what counts.

I am being treated with a veritable cornucopia of drugs:

Since I'm taking 750mg of the levaquin daily, I've been advised to eat as much yogurt as I can stand, to hopefully help ward off potential gastrointestinal issues and (even yummier!) yeast infections. We bought a LOT of yogurt today.

We're talking a metric sandal-wearing-hippie-ton of yogurt.

I said this to someone today—can't remember who—but it took me a little while to realize why this infection was being treated so aggressively. In the grand scheme of things, you treat an upper respiratory infection so that it won't escalate into bronchitis, and you treat bronchitis so that it won't escalate into pneumonia.

Yeah, well, guess what. So much for escalation. Been there, done that, learned how to prop myself up on pillows so I could breathe well enough to sleep. This bites. So who does the dishes? The guy with bronchitis or the girl with pneumonia? A difficult question indeed. :)

The short version is that we're sick, but I'm definitely responding to treatment, and we'll be on the road to recovery soon as long as we rest. Our next checkup is Monday.


In addition to yogurt, acidopholius (sp?) milk is also good.

holy freaking cow... that's sick!!! good thing you got your tubes tied before this all happened.. the last girl i knew who got pneumonia and got the aggressive anti-bioitics ended up preggers cuz as we all know BC and AB's don't get along... even the little AB's like penicillin... get better soon!!!

Oh damn. I hadn't even thought of that. That's the sound of my ovaries doing a victory dance. Actually, that kind of tickles. They can stop that now.

*pictures a happy ovary victory dance and falls off chair laugh* Aahahahahahahahahahaha! :D That gave me a good giggle ;) You'll do fine LOL, but I imagine all this side-tracking is really frustrating your work-out schedule... o_O!

oh my lord... somewhere along the way my typing skills have really gotten rusty.... that obviously should have been falls off chair *laughing*... sheesh. >.< *GRINS* :D

That's a boatload of drugs - hopefully they'll help you kick this thing soon...

excuse me, i need to fill in a prescription please? preferably the naproxin pain pills? haha j/k... but that looks like you have enough 'scripts to kill a herd of horses... get well soon!!

Well, as I said to Brian earlier today, I could become an internet pharmacy, but all of my drugs are intended to shrink tissue, not enlarge it.

...and duh, but this is Amy, snarfing access at Mary's computer. I don't want her to have to re-log back in ... silly me. I mean, you all FIGURED it was me, right? Right? Hush. Or I won't share my drugs. [Edited later & comment reassigned so that both of these are credited to my account, not Mary's. Thus ending the confusion. But I'll leave the comments as they are.]

Who does the dishes? Just get someone to deliver you take-out and put the dishes on the floor for the kitties to lick. At least, that's what *our* cat says. I don't know if your cats have such appetites for human food.