dragon*con 2005: T minus seven

"Good morning, this is Yarn Expressions.""Hi. I think I've got the weirdest question you're going to hear all day. My name's Amy…"

"Ah, yes. That ball of green yarn you bought yesterday afternoon is sitting here on the counter. You can pick it up at any time."

"I tore my car apart yesterday after I got home, looking for that yarn."

"Yeah, you probably wouldn't have found it in your car… If you hadn't called by noon we were going to call you."

"It's been sort of a long week."

"We all have those."

Seven days until I leave for dragon*con. Here's hoping I remember to pack my brain. Current likelihood: 30% and dropping.


Hehehe. :)

We're supposed to pack our brains? Why did no one ever tell me that???

Hey, we have to have SOMETHING to feed the zombies.

I love yarn stores like that.