Yours Truly, Domesticat

I was supposed to be asleep. Every now and then, for some reason, even with the best of modern pharmaceuticals, my body just gets determined to stay awake. Therefore, it's well past three in the morning and here I am, glorying in the quietness of my new keyboard in the partially-cleaned computer room.See, I'm plotting. That never bodes well.

We have guests coming on the 21st, a whole boatload of guests that we never ever dreamed would consider making the trek to Huntsville; the end result of my saying "I want a big honkin' birthday party!" and never dreaming that anyone would actually agree to show up, y'know? (It's like waking up one morning because someone's banging on the door and it's a very cranky, pissed Italian guy who hasn't shaved in about five days, wearing an ill-fitting pink tutu and saying he's the Tooth Fairy. It's that kind of weird.)

So, as is typical, I'm using the gathering as an excuse to do a few things around the house that should've gotten done ages ago. The icky showerhead in the guest bathroom has its replacement leering from the bathroom vanity; I walked by the bathroom tonight and heard the New Guy taunting the old one by hissing the word "obsolescence!" when it thought I wasn't looking. The stupid painting errors executed by Yours Truly, Domesticat will be fixed tomorrow, as soon as I get a nice little pot of white gloss paint.

There will soon be new shelving in the computer room. I took a chance and bought a couple of small pieces today, figuring that if these didn't work, I'd have only spent $20 and could recycle the shelving to another part of the house. But no, it turned out to be a definitely workable solution, and tomorrow I'll go back, buy the rest, and see about conquering some of the clutter we've lived with in the computer room for …

… uh …

… years?

Yeah. Everyone who is showing up on the 21st: whatever you see, pretend the house always looks like this. Pretend that you can always see the floor in the computer room, and that the nice and neat rows of computer accoutrements have always been nice and neat. (My computer desk is starting to grumble at me just for saying that.)

I know I've got a bad case of the bug when my brain starts whispering, "You've got two weeks … you could finally get that room painted, you know. Erase another part of that nasty beige goodness." Right. We'll see where we stand after I finish getting the room organized. Then maybe.

Why do we always do this? Why, when all we want is to have a good & memorable little birthday shindig, do we spend the two weeks prior doing all kinds of silly chores and touch-ups that nobody besides ourselves will really ever notice?

*cough* Vanity, anyone? *cough*

For now, though, the meds need to start working. I think this is why I'm supposed to sleep. It keeps me out of trouble.

But before I go, maybe I could get those loose CDs back in alphabeti… no.

Good night. :)

…and for my friends, who have been taking the The Politics Test on okcupid, here you go: according to this highly unscientific test, I am a social liberal (80% permissive) and an economic liberal (18% permissive). It says I am best described as a socialist: "You exhibit a very well-developed sense of Right and Wrong and believe in economic fairness." Guess that means I can continue to make my commie pinko jokes, eh Jeff?


Hey, when you're done with the clutter in YOUR computer room I'd like some tips. I've got a boatload of boxes still to unpack :D On another note I've had sleepless nights for the past three days because Kara's decided she's feeling better and wants constant scritchies at night. She's now started to wake me up out of a deep sleep by pulling on my hair *sigh*