the bet, part 1: naming terms

This conversation has been edited to fit your screen, for length, and for content, which is to say that it might or might not bear any resemblance to the original conversation at all:

Misha: So you talked about writing a book as I recall
Amy: I did.
Misha: I think it's time we made good on that idea.
Misha: You and me, a writing show down, [to see] who can finish their book first. And since we're both perfectionists at these sort of things, we both know neither of us will declare ourselves finished prematurely.
Amy: Interesting…
Amy: and what are the stakes?
Misha: I named the terms, you name the stakes.
Amy: I'm a little ashamed to admit this, but I don't know what I could wager, offer, or promise that would appeal enough to you. I don't know enough about you.
Misha: *hug* I was thinking something along the lines of loser has to take the winner out to a celebratory dinner.

('Misha' == Patrick, aka

This wager sat on the table since early January. I needed time to think about it, time for various reasons that might or might not come clear over the course of the bet, and I did not accept it until right before PHE.

We agreed that we would not start writing until midnight on Wednesday after PHE, since I had guests who were staying late after the party, and that I would be in Atlanta for a day or two after taking them home. Had we not, Patrick would have had a ten-day head start on me, and he kept insisting that if he was going to beat me, he was going to do it fair and square.

So we've begun. It's going to eat my time, my spare brain cycles, and will probably greatly increase my tea consumption, but I think it's worth a go.


Best of luck with this project. Ever since the publication of _Limping to Zimbabwe_ I've been expecting a novel to show up at some point.