Free-Range Heckling Day

Tally as of 10:30 a.m.:

  1. One mail server, severely overloaded due to my stupidity, but resurrected thanks to my supervisor ("What do you mean, six thousand messages?! Ok, fine—you can heckle me, but only until lunch!")
  2. One mail server, geborkened due to no fault of my own, awaiting resurrection via sysadmin ("be healed!")
  3. One misbehaving book clubs script, sans documentation or comments, thus thwarting my efforts to troubleshoot the problem. Did I mention that "troubleshoot" means gingerly making guesses at corrections from the mySQL command line, and instantaneously reversing my changes if they cause more problems? It's like trying to detangle a giant snarl in your hair without a) cutting off the hair or b) yanking the hair out at the root.

I'm on my fourth cup of tea and it's not even lunchtime yet. The world clearly wants me to switch to decaf. [Tea, mind you. You crazy coffee drinkers are on your own.]

Get your heckles in, kids, because I'm going back on the caffeine after lunch.

Update #1, 11:15 am: Co-worker now at hospital dealing with parental heart attack.

Update #2, 11:30 am: Second co-worker (sans car) must leave building to go tend to sick child. IT supervisor to drive her there. I am now the last employee standing in IT. It's not even noon.