good-penny friend

I had intended a post today of laughter and anticipation and find myself trying to write one of solace.Geof's sister-in-law Cindy died last night unexpectedly. They had very little warning.

Not that any amount of warning is ever enough.

Geof's the kind of good-penny friend who quietly works his way into the fabric of your life, who shows up on Tuesday nights with laughter and a sixer no matter how insane work might have been that day. I know that's what he's done for us, and I know he has other circles of friends with other, shared, interests; I have no doubt that they regard him in the same way we do.

Geof, we never have words at times like these; we stand back and we wring our hands behind our backs and we remember what it was like to be in your shoes and remember wishing that people would stop saying the dumb pretty meaningless stuff and say the real stuff.

So here goes:

We can't make it better. We can't take it back. We've all been there and it doesn't help a bit in knowing what to say or do, because grief is as overwhelming as it is individual.

We'll be there when you're ready.

You'll be in my thoughts, Geof, you and your family both.


Well, you're certainly right: there simply are no words. And even though I'm one to NEVER SHUT UP EVER, I've been okay with that. You just sorta gotta hold on. I've been doing that as best as I can.