Good morning, Tenzing

Jeff and I watched this in mingled horror and amusement. Up to a certain point, it describes how I have been awakened almost every morning for seven years now. (Also explains why my first words every morning are usually some variation on "Dammit, Tenzing.")

The face-patting thing is really disturbing at five in the morning.

(Stolen from Thomas' livejournal - no idea where he found it.)


where's the part when kitty becomes flying kitty? (yes i've had a bad habit of tossing kitties off of me when they try to wake me up back when i lived with them)

Kitty often goes airborne when he pats my nose. That startles me every time, and I react whether I mean to or not. Sometimes, though, he'll settle for a cuddle instead of food, so I first try rolling onto my side and making a little crook with my arm in the hope that he'll tuck up into a small[ish] catball and snooze until my alarm goes off.

If no catball, then it's anyone's guess whether kitty will go a-flying.

One way the animation isn't like Tenzing: he doesn't ever bother with the look-innocent-and-pretend-I-didn't-do-it schtick.

True. Instead, when I open my eyes, he just wheezepurrs even louder. It's the kitty equivalent of "Good. Now that you're awake, feed me."

It's worth noting that Jeff and I have noted that Tenzing has a certain way of purring that means "I love you. Now feed me." We call it show-purring. It's not actual affection; it's a calculated display of sweetness that is intended only to produce a desired result. His actual purr of contentment is much softer and sounds very different.

I love that cat. He's a crafty little furball.