Take your potential lockout and shove it

"The bright lights of Broadway are still shining, but the question remains, for how long?

There doesn't appear to be any movement in the deadlock between the stagehands' union and the League of American Theaters and Producers, despite a meeting yesterday aimed at clearing the air.

However, right now there is no indication of a when or if a lockout will take place. Both sides say they have already given their final offers."

- NY1 News article

To say that Jeff and I are keeping an eye on Broadway news right now would be an understatement. We fly to New York on Tuesday morning, and we have tickets for Phantom of the Opera on Tuesday night and Avenue Q a week from today.

Words will not suffice to explain the depths of my anger if either of the sides in the Broadway dispute choose to go to lockout, but rest assured that words are exactly what you'll get -- vociferous, foul, and abundant ones.

Phantom tickets were Jeff's birthday present, and the Avenue Q tickets were mine.