Twitterlog for October 15, 2007

Since I seem to have activated my away-from-home batsignal, here are the SMS messages I've sent to Twitter in the past 24 hours. My tweets are normally friends-only, but when I'm away from home they're usually more interesting than the usual 'OMG where's my tea?' claptrap, so I've written a script to post them publicly in batches once daily while I'm gone.

  • 12:11 AM CDT: I really need to figure out how to be less nervous about flying. In the next 30 minutes would be preferable! I have to sleep!
  • 8:36 AM CDT: Pre-flight jitters in a big way. Heart feels like it's fluttering. Probably should avoid caffeine until I land tomorrow afternoon.
  • 2:09 PM CDT: "...& she has all this time to puree veggies, and oh, look, I'm gonna give Amy a heart attack from laughter before she can go on vacation!"
  • 3:40 PM CDT: That's weird. I figured I'd be useless today, and today has been one of my most productive days in quite some time.
  • 4:15 PM CDT: I'M FREE!
  • 4:53 PM CDT: Errands done. Next up, dinner with out of town librarian. Supersonic fidgeting.
  • 9:12 PM CDT: Hotel confirmed, mostly packed, cats beginning to sense disturbance in the force.
  • 10:21 PM CDT: Well, the butterflies are all mostly pointing north now.