Twitterlog for December 30, 2007

  • 8:13 AM PT: Waiting on tea, talking to Bill and Debbie. A bit bewildered - they aren't who I flew to see.
  • 9:58 AM PT: Coping with a bad case of the jitters.
  • 10:40 AM PT: The roadtrip with the Amazing Gessaman Brothers begins. (heeheehee)
  • 11:33 AM PT: Hello from Bellingham, WA. I hear there will be beer!
  • 12:49 PM PT: First beer buzz acquired before crossing border. *hic*
  • 1:11 PM PT: Jake: "Neck beards are terrorism."
  • 1:37 PM PT: Playing Death Cab For Cutie in Bellingham. Beer buzz. Life is good.
  • 2:06 PM PT: Pre-Canadian fuel-up. Is that like a power-up?
  • 2:21 PM PT: In line at the Canadian border.
  • 3:04 PM PT: What up Canada? We're here, bitches!
  • 6:04 PM PT: @adamrg Yes, and librarians!
  • 6:04 PM PT: Preparing for a night of drunken debauchery with Canadians!

This is a delayed repost of my posts to Typically, my tweets are private, but since I'm documenting my Washington trip, I'm posting my tweets here. (I am domesticat on Twitter.)