4.5 years later...

A dozing moment of insight brought some of my photos back to me.

I have been on a photo hunt for months now. The goal: find as many of my photo originals as possible, and lodge them on flickr. I was unhappy with storing them on domesticat, and decided it was well past time to archive them in one place.

I had considered the originals of my Sedona photos lost. Not any more:

...and it just kept getting better, and better, and better.  (I have more like this, but these two photos were representative of the lot.)Sunset - 3 of 5

As a result, I saw this photo for the first time in almost five years. I never posted it before, and I do not know why. Sunset sailboat:

Looks warm, doesn't it?  Note the date.  This was December in Los Angeles.  I was in a coat and shivering.  Luckily, the photo doesn't show it.Sunset boat

The Grand Canyon and Sedona photos both need levels/curves correction, but for the time being I'm reveling in my photos having returned to me.