Twitterlog for Monday, July 21, 2008

While I am on the West Coast, I've got a script set up to automatically repost my tweets in 24-hour batches. Here's what I've been up to:

  • 12:53 AM PT: @adamrg It's not really imprisonment if he doesn't want to leave. :)
  • 7:13 AM PT: Huh ... so I do a month of prep work and my last full day of vacation is calm. This OCD thing is useful.
  • 7:15 AM PT: ...and, as that msg establishes, I am mentally substituting 'vacation' for 'work' in my head already. WIN.
  • 8:08 AM PT: @adamrg I demand surreptitious photos!
  • 11:54 AM PT: I've turned the twitter repost script on for the duration of my trip. So now, if I say "pigfucker" on twitter, the entire world sees it.
  • 12:01 PM PT: @scottandrew Are you even Republican? :)
  • 4:28 PM PT: Thirteen-pound cat sleeping in suitcase? Check. (It's a pre-trip kitty ritual; I've stopped fighting it.)
  • 6:36 PM PT: @Itarille yes, they are getting displeased - they know something's up
  • 6:56 PM PT: [] Readiness -
  • 8:50 PM PT: -- wondering, if I put "actually sleep tonight dammit" on my pre-flight to-do list, does that increase my chances of actually doing it?