Arkansas, Day 1: Mom's wedding

Tweets from the day of Amy's mother's wedding in Arkansas.

  • 9:01 AM PT: Suited up for wedding. It is EXPLETIVE EXPLETIVE hot. We are melting here dammit!
  • 9:09 AM PT: @joshjanus Jeff: "Wrong part of the South. This is the teetoaling evangelical part, not the mint julep Scarlett O'Hara part of the South."
  • 1:43 PM PT: Happy wedding day, Mom.
  • 1:46 PM PT: @bellesouth that's still her nickname! I have great photos.
  • 1:57 PM PT: Current temp: 104. Not that we are bitter. Or sweating. Or anything.
  • 6:56 PM PT: Back at hotel. Out of dress clothes. Ready to pick a state and stay there - preferably one that isn't an oven.
  • 9:05 PM PT: @gfmorris Crap. That ends when you're no longer single? No one told me. I mean, I only do it if it's Jeff and me sharing the jug...