Lest I forget to plug...

I've never actually mentioned the WhatTheCast podcast, which is done by several of my friends.

It is worth noting that they did an episode live at dragon*con. This is notable for multiple reasons:

  1. All four of these men are my friends.
  2. They make me look positively un-nerdy.
  3. They're telling stories of what it's like to work on tech staff, and I can vouch that these stories, no matter how outrageous, are true.
  4. I'm heckling in the audience.
  5. I also get shot down by the panelists. (You'll hear the exchange in the podcast.)
  6. I even took play-by-play photos, which are available on my flickr account and Brian's flickr account.
  7. It's damn funny.
  8. It also spawned this photo:

What the Cast meets The Last Supper.  Let the photoshopping begin!What the Cast

[Original: 'What the Cast' on flickr]


Did I mention how awesome of a photo that is? I think I did, but it bears much repeating.

I agree, it's totally awesome, and you did a fabulous job framing it.

Of course, me being in the middle wrapped in angelic light doesn't hurt.

If you take a look at my flickrset, I shot this first with the iPhone:

Stephen glows and considers ascendance during the What The Cast panel
in the Hilton. (L-R: Crispy, Chew Toy, Doc, and Brian.)What The Cast

...and I said to myself, hey, that's awesome, I wonder if I could get it to look like that if I shot it with the real camera?

To think I almost didn't bring my camera.

I'm still hoping for killer photoshopping of the image.