Hawaii twitterlog for Friday, October 24, 2008

Jeff and I are in Hawaii visiting Brad and Alice for our birthdays. Here's what I've been up to:

  • 8:45 AM HT: Examining yesterday's pix from Mauna Kea summit. Thought 1: lots of pix. Thought 2: telescope porn!
  • 8:46 AM HT: Thought 3: the altitude headache meant I was looking, but not *seeing*. Glad I had these pix to look at later.
  • 10:19 AM HT: Teaser of Mauna Kea summit photos are up at http://www.flickr.com/photos/domesticat/sets/72157608190822253/ More coming in a few hours.
  • 12:06 PM HT: Just bought mac nuts. Coffee next. Alive and I have gardenias tucked behind our ears. The car smells lovely as a result.
  • 12:07 PM HT: Gaaaaah! Auto-predictive text fail again! Alice, not Alive. *mutter*
  • 12:08 PM HT: @stepher where are your photos? I'm curious to compare them with mine...
  • 1:40 PM HT: The long desperate hunt for Kona coffee is complete! Christmas gifts ... Check!
  • 4:06 PM HT: If you only see one of my Hawaii photos, see this one: http://ping.fm/o4yLk
  • 4:45 PM HT: @stepher We fly tomorrow (Saturday) night. It's been peaceful and relaxed - the most time I've spent with @canspice in 8 years or so.
  • 4:48 PM HT: Alice is so disappointed! I bought a metric ton of fabric, but I planned ahead by bringing my biggest suitcase, so it all fit. Easily. Hah!