Hawaii twitterlog for Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jeff and I are in Hawaii visiting Brad and Alice for our birthdays. Here's what I've been up to:

  • 8:54 AM HT: Under blanket (chilly!) reading 'Day of the Triffids.' We'll head into Hilo later to get the 4x4 needed to make the Mauna Kea ascent.
  • 8:56 AM HT: @SassyBlonde Glad you liked the pix. Today (tonight your time) will be the big photo op. Sunset 1800HT = midnight ET.
  • 9:24 AM HT: [cat.net] Ascension? (http://ping.fm/nsPAY)
  • 1:48 PM HT: Just left Joint Astronomy Centre. There was a letter there from a sneaky @noahgrey and @crazybutable - ask @canspice about my squeal!
  • 1:49 PM HT: Heading to Saddle Road, where 2wd cars dare not go! Holy shit that's a lot of 'up' we're about to go!
  • 2:50 PM HT: At observation level - see http://Flickr.com/photos/domesticat
  • 3:20 PM HT: Beware Of Invisible Cows. I shit you not.
  • 4:07 PM HT: Acclimated to 9k. Time for the summit!
  • 7:27 PM HT: And we're back. I have a bitch of an altitude headache, but it was worth every moment. Hope the pix do it justice...
  • 7:28 PM HT: @stepher Not going to other islands. We're here to visit @canspice, whom we rarely see. Old friend > other islands.