Spices free to good home

I gave the locals first crack at these, but they've had their turn and now it's yours.

I have large quantities of the following that are free to a good home:

  • whole savory
  • whole fennel
  • whole coriander
  • pickling spice
  • whole black pepper
  • ground cayenne pepper
  • whole cumin

If you are interested, speak up.

These are leftovers from a bulk spice order in which we brined a lot of pork.  I'd imagine that a combination of several of these, plus salt and garlic, would make a good brine for just about any kind of meat.

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I already replied on Twitter and e-mail so I'll make this the trifecta.  :)

Oh yes.  Ask and you shall receive ... in abundance.

just saw this. I will take any of the following if you still have them, as I use them all on a regular basis -
whole fennel
whole coriander
whole black pepper
ground cayenne pepper
whole cumin

Oh yes, I have lots of all of them!  Just be sure to mail me your address and I'll get yours and jowilson's mailed on the same day.