Washington, DC twitterlog for Saturday, March 7, 2009

Final day of Drupalcon. Documentation sprint, last lunch at Old Dominion with new friends, followed by a sprint north to Silver Spring for barbecue with David, Katie, @vulcansmuse, and the Frankenberrys.

  • 11:05 PM ET: Random note, context deleted: yeah, he was seriously, smoking hot all right. We're talking a four-syllable "daaaaamn" here.
  • 11:24 PM ET: @esmerel That's a three-beer story, maybe four
  • 11:45 PM ET: @esmerel Translation: "bring the good stories, kid, we've got the beer." I like you guys. :)
  • 11:53 PM ET: @esmerel Evil temptress. I'd come over and say it in person but my leg says no...
  • 4:59 AM ET: I either need earplugs or another hotel room.
  • 11:43 AM ET: @merlinofchaos @eaton + @jmcclure and I were supposed to go to lunch together - get @eaton in and we're in too!
  • 11:58 AM ET: @merlinofchaos Meet you at Old Dominion.
  • 2:19 PM ET: @SassyBlonde IM IN YR BBQ DRINKIN YR BEER (see you at the prescribed time, and I want photos of you & David tonight!)
  • 2:27 PM ET: @SassyBlonde Intriguing, new, tasty, surprise me. I've been remarkably beer-free in this conference; I beg of you to fix this.
  • 3:04 PM ET: @esmerel Come hang out in here anyway! Jeff is sitting next to me, websurfing. #drupalcon
  • 4:21 PM ET: Rocking some MGMT at the #drupalcon code sprint.
  • 9:41 PM ET: Drinking @sassyblond's beer until my leg stops hurting....