San Francisco, CA twitterlog for Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm in California with friends, vacationing for a week. Here's what I've been up to:

  • 9:20 AM PT: Sharing a living room and laughter with Asai, Adam, Jeff, Brian, and Suzan. That's me in the corner, smiling quietly to myself.
  • 9:29 AM PT: @starweaver 4 are going to museums & to see Embarcadero. @jmcclure and I are passing but don't have *our* plans yet.
  • 10:06 AM PT: Ya know what? I'm blowing off San Francisco today to go see @esmerel and @merlinofchaos.
  • 11:18 AM PT: Taking #30 bus to Caltrain depot.
  • 12:01 PM PT: Caltrain leaves SF for Mountain View in 7 minutes? Yay!
  • 12:43 PM PT: Train rocking me gently to sleep. Wish I could bottle this for stressful days.
  • 3:33 PM PT: Chicken with mole sauce and a side of sangria. Then shopping for silk. Life officially sucks. ;)
  • 6:49 PM PT: Heading out for Afghan food with @esmerel and @merlinofchaos. Relaxing and fun!
  • 6:54 PM PT: @esmerel no, you don't know me - I'm just randomly sitting behind you in your car. Wanna have dinner? :)
  • 9:26 PM PT: Full of Afghan food. Glad of friends. Waiting at Millbrae station for Caltrain back to the city. SelfNote: return to visit these friends.
  • 10:13 PM PT: "Remember," @jmcclure says, "Laguna, Buchanan, Webster." On the #30 bus home for the night.