Seattle, WA twitterlog for Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm resting a couple of days in Seattle before meandering on to Minneapolis. Here's what I've been up to:

  • 10:43 PM PT: RT @tweetmeme Daria DVD news: Coming Soon info for Daria |
  • 7:40 AM PT: I did NOT just have a nightmare about the webserver dying while I am on furlough. Saying it makes it true, right?
  • 2:14 PM PT: Hanging out at Adam's. Checked in for my flight. Mmmm, pizza.
  • 2:31 PM PT: @joshjanus The womenfolk decree flashy underwear! I say red in particular. Red says "I meant for you to see that!"
  • 2:55 PM PT: Time to settle in and watch Frost/Nixon. Mmm, recliners.
  • 3:16 PM PT: @Itarille yes, the recliner downstairs!
  • 3:17 PM PT: @duchess HOORAY! Glad you are all safe.
  • 4:08 PM PT: Chuckling as @adamrg sleeps peacefully through Frost/Nixon
  • 4:17 PM PT: - A relaxing way to spend my last Seattle day.
  • 6:11 PM PT: Parting ritual: photograph whichever of Debbie's flowers are blooming.
  • 6:28 PM PT: Packed up. You know you're getting a little homesick when you look at your suitcase and sigh, "That time again?"
  • 7:55 PM PT: While downing chowder I realized I left the Tillamook cheese in the fridge. Readying a mad dash back to the house to get it. I-5 plz be ...
  • 8:31 PM PT: Is it clichéd to rock out to Nirvana while heading to the Seattle airport? Yes? :P Neener.
  • 8:32 PM PT: Also: cheese reacquired.
  • 10:03 PM PT: Through security, heading to S terminal, still dealing with residual carsickness. Yuck.
  • 10:45 PM PT: @jmcclure Miss you too, jeffie dear. Scritch Fang for me and tell them I'll be home Sunday and will be ready to administer Epic Pettings.