wherein our intrepid author needs a new pair of pants

I present the following to you without explanation or context. It needs neither.

domesticat: Neither. It uses strips of fabric sewn together in the right order
esmerel: interesting
domesticat: Find the little star squiggly things - the maker used those to hide the corner joins of her big blocks
domesticat: There is assembly, but it's not all tiny blocks. It's just damned smart design.
emmajane: domesticat, like the whore quilt.
domesticat: ...whut?
emmajane: bar**ello
emmajane: bordello?
emmajane: bargello?
domesticat: bargello.
* domesticat dies laughing *
domesticat: that's it, that pattern is now renamed
emmajane: I can't never remember the name of it so I've just taken to calling it the whore quilt.
domesticat: Can I quote that somewhere? That's just too awesome
emmajane: :)
emmajane: domesticat, and yes you're welcome to quote me on it.
walkah: woah, it got noisy in here
emmajane: domesticat, My sister gave me her half-finished whore quilt a few years ago.
walkah: oooh! are we talking about whores?

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O! Look! Scrappy whore quilts! http://www.quiltville.com/scrapbargello.shtml I love this. I too have a lot of leftover strips from other quilts.

Also: apparently mollom thinks "whore" is spam.

Ooooh, that'd be fun to make.

Extra bonus? I saw your comment while out running errands today, and it caused me to blurt out in my car: "But not all whores are spam whores!"