The secret life of ... Edmund?

Fair warning, it's not all that great of a video, and as an extra bonus you get to hear the froggy goofy Morning Voice, but this is what Mr. Bitey is like when it's just me. If this is what he's like after I had time to fumble out the cell phone camera and turn it on, you can imagine the amount of silly air biscuit goodness you missed prior to the video.

Some things are notable: he relaxes if I keep babbling at him, but if I make any sudden movements, like I did about halfway through the video, the spell breaks immediately. In this case, all I did was shift my weight, and drag one foot along the carpet.

It's a very fragile spell, kitty-petting!

(Also, my apologies to everyone Edmund has ever bitten, scratched, growled at, swatted, or otherwise gotten fang or claw into. There's a list. It's why we usually offer to visit our friends instead of the other way around. He's not all evil, honest.)

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