One for the money, two for the show

Two trips coming up. I'm in a frantic rush right now, looking to my to-do list every few minutes to make sure I'm accomplishing the Things That Must Be Done, for the countdown to takeoff is looming in my ears.

I'll be hitting the East Coast for both trips; one trip is business and the other is pleasure. I'll mark "Massachusetts" off my to-do list of states, and that's a win, right?

I've restocked groceries, gotten Jeff for an extended weekend, bought traveling supplies, done laundry, made two batches of hot pepper jelly, and scribbled down lots of random things into my digital to-do list. Last night, I did my best to let my brain go into Trip Mode in an organized manner, by curling up with my notebook and my to-do list and dumping in everything I could.

It beats waking up in the middle of the night before your trip and thinking OH CRAP I DIDN'T DO...

I'm bad about that. Perfectionism; it does have a down side.

Anyone want to help me cut fabric so I have little pentagons to baste on the plane?

(Bonus points if, in the next few days, I follow this up with a post titled "go cat go!")

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I'm in the Boston area, and am happy to provide local information/ lunch/ logistic support, should you have need.