Three to get ready, now go cat go!

My last day at the library will be October 14th.

After doing nine (nine!) interviews with Acquia, I will be joining them as part of their support team. I suspect my start date will be November 1.

Yes, that was the trip to Boston. No, we aren't moving. I'll be in Boston periodically, but I'll be working from home.

It was a surprisingly emotional and painful decision. Even with two months to think about it during the interview process, it was never a simple choice.

More soon. I need chocolate and a hug. Or a drink. Or something.

Mustn't forget to turn in the hiring papers...

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Congratulations! Hopefully it's a good fit for you, and who can complain about the occasional trip to Boston?

This is very exciting - I'm really proud of you for taking such a big leap, and as I contemplate a job change myself, I can't say those mixed emotions you're having are unfamiliar.  Good luck with the transition, and congratulations!

I'm shocked at the number of interviews, but thoroughly overjoyed at your new job - they're better for having you! Congrats!

*BIGhugs* Changes like that are never easy, but you're moving forward to something better :-) I'm glad you got the job!

"I need a drink" is sometimes just needing to share news and be heard, for me.


I'd agree. It has been incredibly tough going through this process with a large degree of silence.

So, where are you in relation to Woburn, MA? (Since I'll be up there for a chunk of time.) Any fabric shops you'd recommend?

Congratulations!  Hope you enjoy the new gig.


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