A cat and her hat...

(Apologies to everyone who knows how to pronounce 'New Orleans' correctly, including myself.)

Heather and Jess:

Oh, domesticat,
you should have seen
this knitting shop
in New Orleans!

We saw the yarn
and thought of you.
You love to knit
(and crochet too)


We bought you just a little bit.
We thought you'd have such fun with it.

This single skein
was Japanese
(and cost a lot,
forgive us please

This is your brain on mySQL

Well, it would be, if I had one left. Really. Last I saw of it, it was marching out the door with a suitcase and a beer, muttering an obscenity-laden set of phrases that sounded like "See you later!" and taking my code with it. That was after the cats napped on it for an hour or two this morning.

It was, apparently, squishy and warm. The cats like that.