Enough chemicals for one night

By the time I returned from grocery shopping with Kat and Sean this afternoon, I was somewhere between light-headed and seriously low on blood sugar. A quick rummage in the fridge turned up real honest-to-goodness yogurt—the real kind, with fruit, sugar, and calories.

After I ate it, I settled down at my desk to fire off some emails. Jeff came in with a dinner idea, just as I was finishing giving Gareth the details he needed for a script I've been begging him to write for me. "Why not try the new Vietnamese place?" Jeff suggested. "Okay," I said. "Give me a sec, and let me finish giving Gareth the information he needs to write this script."

A slow slipping away

Sushi leads to somnambulatory domesticats.

A day of chores and errands shifted course at four p.m., when the phone rang. "We are craving sushi. You should come with us." I hung up, made quick arrangements, and met up with the crew for a 5:30 dinner date.

I only know of two places in Huntsville that serve decent seafood. Both are, in essence, equal quality. However, in the past, Edo's has taken over 45 minutes to bring me a simple order of nigiri sushi. On the other hand, Miyako is less glacial and has dollar sushi nights on Mondays.

To Miyako we went, where I downed variously small and tasty tidbits of barely-deceased tuna, salmon, shrimp, and other fish I shan't name in the name of decency. Plus rice, and miso, and plenty of ice water.

DINK-y designers ponder getting hired

Tonight: sushi at the local sushi bar. Whee! Service was glacially slow (actually, glaciers were quick in comparison) but the four of us—Margaret, Katharine, Jeff, and myself—had a fine time playing with our chopsticks and telling bad jokes and making fun of previous employers. It was a good thing. I'm sure the people at the next table were wishing we'd shut up, though.

Good news. I've been working through a temp agency for several months now, trying to finish out my contract so that the company I was working AT could make a hiring offer for me. They did so today. Even though I knew it was coming, it was a bit of a relief to finally hear the words "We'd like to bring you on staff permanently."Granted, I know I'm good at what I do. It's just that sometimes, well, you doubt every now and then.