About me

Hi. I'm Amy. I generally look like this:.

So much for a classy photo of me by the bay in Wellington.Quite the hair there

My name is Amy. I'm a nerd, a writer, a maker of physical objects, and one hell of an introvert. I live in Portland, Oregon.

How I got here was long, complicated, and involved loss. While I speak of those events less these days, you can go back and find them in the archives. The elevator-pitch version is best described this way: life is shorter than you think, and there is no guarantee that even the best-laid plans will come to fruition. Don't wait for joy, don't wait for love, don't wait for the perfect weight or hair. Get out and DO.

I have a tall, opinionated spouse. Neither of us expected to find ourselves married at this point in our lives, so we're doing our best to make it an adventure.

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We have a house panther. Toph thinks her name is "Worst Cat," and we'd appreciate it if no one clued her in otherwise.

Toph: super perky. Not smart.What was the question?

My two closest friends are Jacob and Andy. Neither live in Portland. We make do. There are shenanigans. Thank goodness for reasonably priced airfare.

Jacob and AmyJacob and Amy
 Couch happy.Couch happy.